How To Put Together An Effective Restaurant Survey?

It is a commonly known fact that the success of every business is heavily dependent on the feedback from the customers. This is especially true when it comes to restaurants and food chain businesses because they have to ensure that their menu and service is according to the likes and preferences of their customers.

On the one hand, it is an undeniable fact that customer satisfaction surveys are critical. But one thing that is even more significant is putting together a useful questionnaire that asks the right type of questions from the customers to get feedback that is relevant to the restaurant’s performance. MyZaxbysVisit is renowned for its comprehensive and well-planned surveys that lead to the collection of statistics that are vital for a restaurant’s success. Here are some tips that should be kept in mind to plan a relevant survey:

Avoid Polar Questions

Polar question is a term that is used to refer to simple yes or no questions. These questions have only two possibilities. What makes these types of questions a poor choice is a fact that they do not give room to the customer to express their opinion. The answer is either a simple yes or no, and the reason behind any of the choices remains a mystery.

OptFor Open Ended Questions

Open-ended questions are the best choice in terms of restaurant surveys. They give customers a lot of room to express their opinions. The answer to these questions can be anywhere between three to five statements. Since the customers are writing their advice rather than choosing an option, therefore the choice is likely to be more genuine and authentic.

Exclude Leading Questions

One of the most common mistakes that the restaurant owners tend to make when putting together a survey is to use leading questions. These questions try to enforce a particular point of view in the mind of the customers. This way, the customer response becomes biased. The customer should be given the authority to express his opinions rather than trying to get the answer you are looking for.

Use Simple Language

The language used for customer satisfaction surveys should be generic and easy to understand. The use of tough words or complex vocabulary can be a hindrance as it makes the surveys hard to understand. The questions should be presented in a simple manner that is easy to grasp and understand.

Short And Precise

Another factor that draws the customers away from filling the surveys properly is lengthy and unnecessarily detailed surveys. The survey should be very short and precise. This way, the customers do not feel overburdened while filling them. It is a good approach to make use of a mixed set of questions so that the customers can use several mediums to express their opinions.

Lastly and most importantly, be thankful and show gratitude when the customers fill the surveys. This makes them feel special, and they feel that their opinion is valued and welcomed.